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Acworth; Heritage History Hauntings

Acworth; Heritage History Hauntings. This exciting book explores Acworth, Georgia, history as documented in historical newspaper accounts of the past, and information discovered through internet research, as well as stories that have been told and passed down about the city of Acworth and its people, with an emphasis on ghost stories and hauntings. $25 plus $5.00 shipping in the USA.

Ancient and Modern Classics of Bizarre Magick

Ancient and Modern Classics of Bizarre Magick. This book for magicians, mentalists, bizarrists and mystery performers offers updates on classic bizarre and seance routines from past masters, updates on classic Tarot routines, magic with Ouija cards, a few routines for Jack the Ripper seances, presentations for some popular contemporary bizarre classics, how to localize a storytelling routine with a stunning conclusion, and more. Contributions from Al Desmond, Mark Piazza, Sudo, and the late Ed Loveland. Plus, learn how I created a popular Ghost Tour and how to present entertaining and mindblowing fortunetelling at corporate events. $40 plus $5.00 shipping in the USA.

Poe Pourri

Poe Pourri. A book featuring over sixty routines on Poe's life or works, with contributions from Max Maven, Eugene Burger, David Parr, Paul Prater, Dan Baines, T Everett Bookings III, Masklyn ye Mage, Misty Lee, Master Payne, Jim Kleefield, Joe Daniels, Mark Piazza, Mathew Gostelow, Nick Compise, Marc Charisse, Chad Crews, Keith Black Hart, Tim "Santiago" Converse, and more. Foreword and editing by Prof BC. Reviewed by Rolando Santos in August 2016 Linking Ring: "Highly Recommended." Price of $75.00 plus $6.00 shipping.

Poe Puzzle

The Poe Puzzle. A Limited Edition of only Thirteen signed and numbered Poe Puzzles as featured by Jim Magus at the 2016 East Coast Spirit Sessions. A 12" x 16" full color picture of Poe,framed and matted, is displayed and shown to be a jig-saw puzzle. One piece is removed from the puzzle. A second unassembled puzzle is revealed and the pieces are examined to show they are different. A spectator, under the guidance of Poe's spirit, selects one of the many puzzle pieces and tries it in the assembled puzzle. It is shown to be the missing puzzle piece. You can view it being performed on the Services page of this website. Price of $260 plus $20 shipping. Please inquire prior to ordering to ensure availability, as there are only two remaining as of January 2019.

Unspeakable Acts

Unspeakable Acts; the Biography of Tony Andruzzi, Tom Palmer, and Masklyn ye Mage. Tom Palmer was no ordinary magician. He wasn’t even three ordinary magicians. After making his reputation as an award-winning comedy-magic performer, he ditched it all to become pioneer of bizarre magick, Tony Andruzzi; then wrote and performed under yet a third persona, Masklyn ye Mage. Under one or more of these guises he built pieces for major illusionists, published his own influential magic periodical, headed a witch coven, ran a magic shop, created highly collectible handmade books, hosted an infamous alcohol-fueled annual convention, testified to the Warren Commission on the Kennedy assassination, married four times, and has continued to impact the world of magic 20 years after his death. Get to know him through his own words and through those who knew him. And discover an unforgettable life brimming with hilarious, touching, and outrageous stories—made all the more amazing by the fact that some of them are actually true. Casewrapped hardcover: 535 pages, illustrated. Hardcover, $75 plus $8 shipping in the USA.

Arcana of Bizarre Magick

Arcana of Bizarre Magick. The essential book on bizarre magick, with photographs of bizarrists, 22 essays on various aspects of bizarre magick, and over 70 bizarre magick routines, effects, and ideas. including contributions from T. Everett Bookings III, Tony Raven, Tony Andruzzi, Dennis Marks, Erskine, Harrison Smith, Ford Kross, Docc Hilford, Pascal de Clermont, Scott Davis, Jon Hughett, Harry Meier, Jack Camp, Kotah, and Joe Givan. $60 plus $5.00 shipping in the USA.

Midnight in the Dark Museum

Midnight in the Dark Museum. Over 48 magic routines using Doug Higley's Dark Museum ensemble, with contributions from the most creative minds in contemporary bizarre magick. $35 plus $5 shipping in the USA.

Kon Artiste

Kon Artiste. A book for mystery entertainers, psychic entertainers, bizarrists, magicians and mentalists on how to entertain using a new seance communication device. $35 postpaid plus $5 shipping in the USA.

Raising the Dead for Fun and Profit

"Raising the Dead for Fun & Profit is a handbook on how to design, market, and promote a seance party. Jim offers suggestions on making the seance party a year-round entertainment package. The seance party scenarios presented in this book are designed as one or two person portable entertainment vehicles which can be performed in a variety of venues. If your desire is to make a seance party a viable part of your entertainment career, you'll find the information in the marketing section to be extremely valuable. This is an excellent manuscript, and it will be on value to anyone wanting to perform this type of show." ~ Michael Close, in MAGIC magazine "For those of you who either perform or are interested in performing seances, Jim Magus has an excellent manuscript. The book is 84 pages packed with information. Is is pretty much an A to Z primer on putting on a seance party for entertainment." ~ Ford Kross, in Vibrations magazine. $35 postpaid plus $5 shipping in the USA.

The Magus Video. From a review in Febuary 1992 New Invocation magazine: "It contains a half dozen performable close up effects that Jim has tested before paying audiencs for years. The effects are enveloped in strong bizarre story lines, and seasoned with the right amount of humor to make them all palatable to the average audience. Each of the effects could be a reputation maker in the right hands. One of my favorites deals with Van Gogh's disembodied ear! The video is not a collection of effets and methods, but a story in itself. A coulple becomes stranded in a rainstorm, and must wait at Magus Mansion for the telephone lines to be restored. During their wait, Magus shows them his collection of bizarre items. Jim Magus continues to be one of the great performers of the weerd and bizarre. It is wonderful that we may now view his strange magick in the privacy of our homes whenever we wish. Highly Recommended. ~ Docc Hilford From a letter: "...I particularly appreciate the framing story, which gets away from the standard show-and-tell format that defines most instructional video tapes. ...The acrobatic mini-Ouija is a lovely idea... ...The Runemaster routine contains some very nice moments... The Crowley Tarot routine pushes some very strong buttons." ~ Max Maven From a review in Magick #473 "The newly released Magus Video goes a step beyond most show-and-tell videos, and may set the standard for future video releases. It has a stranded couple story line, dark and rainy armosphere, and provides a realistic showcase for the bizarre magick of Jim Magus.� You see the effects as a logical routine; then, Magus reveals their secrets. Here's a tip.� Sit through the closing credits for a surprising topper." ~ Bascom Jones From a letter: "Its honestly the most entertaining teaching video I've ever seen (and I've seen many)!" ~ Harry Meier From a letter: "... technically just excellent. So much better than 99% of the magic videos so far produced. Wonderful direction, lighting, and sets." ~ Eugene Burger $30 postpaid plus $5 shipping in the USA.

Tales from the Talking Board. "Jim Magus has put out a difinitive tome on this valuable tool for both bizarre and psychic entertainment." ~ Brother Shadow "...excellent and more importantly, it covers an area much overlooked among past writers." ~ Bascom Jones "...an excellent treatment of a very unique effect in magic." ~ David Goodsell "Highly Recommnended!" ~ Masklyn Ye Mage $30 plus $5 shipping.

Turn of a Friendly Card

Turn of a Friendly Card. Subtitled "A Treatsie on the Tarot", the booklet has twelve chapters: "Agents of Fortune" is an introductory chapter including many tips on using Tarot cards. "Reading the Tarot for Fun and Prophet" is an excellent overview of fortune-telling with Tarot cards. "Tarot Psychometry" is a version of a classic of bizarre magick. "Return of the Sorcerer" explains how to construct an Acrobatic Arcanum (which is a gimmicked Tarot card that may be used to provide animation in a Tarot routine), and provides an eerie seance presentation. "Fortune-Teller Seance" is the author's presntation for another classic of bizarre magick. � "In the Palm of the Hand" offers another use for an Acrobatic Arcanum. "Good Vibrations" uses a miniture dousing rod to locate a selected Tarot symbol. "Don't Fear the Reaper" is an eye-popping bizarre climax for a Tarot routine. "Jack Camp's Zodiac Cartomancy" is a streamlined method of discerning the spectator's astrological sign during a Tarot reading. "Gris Gris Gumbo Ya Ya" is a powerful bizarre routine using a grotesque prop. "Talisman of Thoth" is a routine designed to introduce the four suits of the Tarot to a lay audience. "The Legacy Tarot" is a pack of Tarot cards that allow the reader to discern a question the client desires answered in the reading. $15 plus $2 shipping.

Mysteries of the Runes

Mysteries of the Runes. "Jim Magus' monograph is really quite good! He gives the reader a solid introduction to Runes and the basic vocabulary and then describes 23 magic effects and techniques using Runes... each effect is clearly described and includes examples of Jim's patter." ~ David Goodsell, in M-U-M magazine "This covers most, it not all, of the Rune effects which have appeared in magical publications over the years." ~ Billy McComb, in Genii magazine "If you are interested in doing something that will be remembered long after your card miracles have been forgotten, for the bizarrist and psychic entertainer, I highly recommend this book." ~ Ford Kross, in Vibrations magazine "Recommened to the specialist..." ~ Jack Griggs, in the Budget "A wealth of material ... recommended..." ~ Brother Shadow, in Vibrations magazine "... practical, appealing ideas... some gems amidst the stones..." ~ Michael Webber, in Inside Magic "Recommended!" ~ Masklyn Ye Mage, in New Invocation $15 plus $3 shipping.

Magical Heroes

Magical Heroes; the Lives and Legends of Great African American Magicians. The groundbreaking book on an unexplored area of magic history. Hardcover, $40 plus $6 shipping.