For the Acworth Ghost Tours, we have ALL five star ratings (and five star is the highest given). Check out the reviews at www.AcworthGhostTours.com. Here are a few of them: "Wooowwww...Acworth. spooky place. The story teller Jim Magus did a FANTASTIC job. Very good experience. I am going to buy the book that includes the sites and histories." "What a great way to spend the evening. Hearing the stories of the ghost of Acworth was very entertaining. Recommend it everyone." For the Acworth Haunted Pub Crawl, we sell out within two days every year because of the reputation. "Powerful dramatic presentations all based on local Acworth lore. Wonderfully crafted!" On the Magus magic shows, "All 400 children were delighted by his finesse and skill in executing impossible feats of mystery. Faculty members as well as students were highly entertained during the entire performance and felt that he conducted himself in a professional manner. He has our highest recommendation for a delightrul program which has as its objective the entertaining and pleasing of people of all ages." Esther H. Bowen, Principal, Brooklands School. "We enjoyed your magic show so much that a letter of appreciation seems in order. You have a fine talent and a positively delightful way with your audience. Their enjoyment of your show was obvious." J. C. Dabanian, Librarian. "Your comedy magic act was absolutely terrific! We liked it so much that we'd love to have you back again sometime next year for a program." Sharon Lowe, Librarian. On the Poe Show, "Incredibly eerie and informative presentation from the moment it opened until it ended. And lots of surprises. Our group was highly entertained." Bill Watson, President. "We have never seen such a unique performance that kept your audience spellbound the entire time. There was not a weak moment in your act." Hammond Ricker, Chairman.